products made of recycled materials “EP – Reform”

recycling systems and applications for the future

We offer competent solutions for the recycling of residual materials
from the industrial production of plastics.
We accompany our customers from the first idea all the way to the final product.


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    effective recycling to the economic cycle

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    problem reduction

    with the disposal

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    ecological design

    of the recycling

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    low maintenance costs

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    product-related production machines

Our final products made form recycled materials are:

  • insensitive to moisture
  • non-rotting
  • stable in shape from -40 to +120 degrees
  • free of solvents
  • without Formaldehyd
  • free of FCKW
  • massive and durable
  • emvironmentally preserving and discharging
  • recyclable several times

“EP-Reform” = products made from recylced materials

A part of the recyclates to be treated are wastes (chips) of maching PUR, PA and elastomer plastics as well as rubber.

Further more we recycle wastes of polyamide casting productions such as deadheads and flowgates etc.

  • recyclat1
  • recyclat3a
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  • recyclat2

Depending upon the design of the selected size-reduction equipment and its calibration, there will be recyclates of different sizes and shapes.

  • recyclat-zerkleinert2
  • recyclat-zerkleinert
  • recycle-presse
  • recycle-presse2

In dependance from the desired technical features of the final product certion portions of other grainy materials will be added together with a bonding agent.

This mixture is filled into moulds and pressed to reach the desired density.

The physical properties of the final products may be influenced by:

  • selection of the type of material and quantitative relations of the recyclates
  • grain size and grain shape of the recyclates
  • type and quantity of the bonding agent
  • degree of compression in the mould

The new properties can be better in quality than those of the original materials.

Wastes will be recollected and reintroduced in the recycling process.

The more durable recycled products replace more and more the wood, formerly used.

Before the application takes place, the produced samples undergo an extensive checking.

product examples


For the save hold of heavy coils of rolled steel-strips and/or uncontrolled rolling movements, we produce and recommend our patented steel-frames system in variable modular design for highest safety and space savings.

As per individual requirements and neccessities pf each customer, Europlast-Nycast offers particular projects and plannings.


further applications for strip coil storage

rolled strip coil basic matting

optionally with oil absobrtion properties and steel frames, universially applicable for rolled stripcoils, slit – strip coils as well as storage of wire rod bundles

  • prismen-unterlage3
  • prismen-unterlage2

rolled strip coil storage bowls with inserts

base plates for wire rod bundle storage

optionally with matching steel frame

connectors of storage mats

the storage matts are interconected by standardised components

  • steckverbindung2
  • steckverbindung4

bases for scrap spools

bases and seperators for steel sheet package storing

marginal aprons for grid irons

transport and storage safety components for a crane-arm

transport protection for coil surfaces

Crane “C – hook attachments”

vibration damping modifications

Buffer to a heavy-duty conveyor chute in a steelworks

Frame with inlay mats on a railroad car to minimize transmission of vibration to the surface of the cargo

interlocking paving