industrial plastics

Our activities are focussed on offering and manufacturing the following items:

  • plastic materials developed in our own labs for the application as materials for the coating of rolls and rollers for cold rolling mills
  • mechanical elements and components for cold and hot running mills running on water lubrication and water cooling only
  • highly resistant war plates for the chocks in the rolling mill stands
  • slipper pads made of oil filled polyamide and/or duroplasts
  • roller coatings made of elastomere materials
  • machine-components cast or pressed as per drawing made of thermoplastics, duroplastics and/or elastomers
  • pressure-, conveying- and deviating rollers with the most different surfaces
  • Eurotex components made of cotton-shred hard tissue
  • coating of sucker pipes and sucker rods with special materials

application examples

coating of rollers with polyurethane (PU)

for cold rolling mills and other applications by the rotative casting process

elastic covers of a coiler unit

made of cast polyamide to protect the sensible cold rolled strips

coupling packages for rolling mills and slipper pads

“EP-Kombi” – connecting/fixing components

patent-No: 20 2005 004 591.8
for the fixing of sliding and wearing elements without screws

wear plates used in cold and hot rolling mill stands

supporting feet made of polyamide

increase the pay load of your crane for your benefit

components and wear parts for rail transport vehicles

made of PU and PA, safe weight, reduce noises and are economic and do not rust

rope sheaves

as enclosed bodies or with exchangeable segments, with patented guidings, safe weight, are not corroding, save grease and prolong the lifes of steel ropes and are easy to handle (weight)

toothed wheels

bearing shells and other cotton-shred comonents

guiding rollers for pipe mills

cast-on jacket of Polyamide

example: cast-on jacket of PA (weight 600 kg) for the rudder made of stainless steel and aluminium (weight 1 tonn) of an US Navy frigate. Material type of the cast is “EP-Nyrim 3000”

corrosion and wear protection for sucker pipes/ rods

sprayed polyurethane

possible on different grounds and in different layer thicknesses

axial fixing of the rolling mill chock

saves weight and makes work easier
patent: 20 2005 000 375.1